The faintest whisper of any startup or company claiming to be the next Facebook is usually met with huge skepticism or ridicule. There are many examples of companies who have become too big for their own good, however, I prefer fictional stories. dragon_PNG992 In the Hobbit, Smaug is known as the greatest dragon of his day, having laid to waste the town of Dale and capturing the Dwarf Kingdom, Erebor and its treasure, where he stayed for 150 years unchallenged until the arrival of an unseemingly innocuous and ordinary hobbit, Bilbo Baggins from the Shire. It seemed that Smaug takeover of Erebor was part of Sauron’s evil plan to achieve world dominion.
Now replace:

Smaug : Facebook

Dale: My Space

Erebor: Internet

Bilbo Baggins: Startup Zero

Sauron: ‘The one whose name you should not pronounce’

For now, I leave the rest to your imagination…
Part 2 to be continued…