Our Why

This realisation and awareness is what brought us as a Team together on a journey to harness technology to make the world a less lonely and fun place to live where the best of humanity to come to light; a social network built on the tenets of more meaningful & stronger relationship, supportive community, empathy, actual ‘ lol ’ and ‘ :) ’.

So how do we do it? We want to go back this innate human nature of ‘gather together’ which we call Moments. At BeeLoops, we want to empower humanity to create and live more memorable Moments together. Moments is where the magic happens when people get together; this will be the living cell of BeeLoops.

Our team consists of four co-founders from different parts of the world and different experiences, but all joined in around the same cause and driven with a vision. We are a focused and determined team on a mission to accomplish everything in order to get humanity closer by harnessing the latest technology.